A butterfly


In my world
Through my very own eyes
In my mind
Through my very own heart
I see
I perceive
I live.
Do not show me my flaws
They tell of my imperfections
Do not show me which path is right or wrong
I cannot abide by them.
I am not perfect
I don’t want your perfect life.

Flaws and strengths
It makes me human
Flesh and blood
Sweat and tears.
I am broken and everyday a part of me dies.
Everyday I break down a little when all you see are my weaknesses.
A shadow I become
Fading away
A sound barely gasping for breath

I am a butterfly
Maybe a crawling caterpillar today
Destroying leaves and gardens
You come after me with your cutlass
Aiming to cut me in two

I can be a butterfly.
I can be better
I can be more than all that destruction you see.
Can you believe in that part of me you are yet to see?

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