Temitoria according to Deborah Glover.


She came as an answer to my prayers.

I was in a strange land. I was lonely and I needed a friend. God brought her to me.

Temitope Victoria Idowu.

My friend born out prayer and wishful thinking into my life.

She is a sanguine. No dull moments.

She can be lazy, when she chooses to. She can’t be hurried. To do anything. She works at her own pace. I was her Dean of studies, (I should know) it took gentle push to get the lesson notes to my table at the right time.

She likes to learn. Learn new things. When she was made my assistant, I delegated nothing to her. I did all the work and she had to ask me to give her work to do as holding the position and doing nothing made no sense.

She can indulge… Yes, she indulged me so many times. I have asked for things that she would not want to give but she gives it to me. Like when I ask for her rice flakes. Like when I ask for cuddles because I can’t sleep.

She even customised my name for when gently reprimanding me.
For example, if I did something naughty she would say “Deborah Glover, you are such a naughty child.”

And I smile.

Tope for me is a breath of fresh air, away from the norm and far from the usual. Someone who thinks out of the box, someone who brings up new constructive activities we can do as friends. E.g a girls’ night out, girls’ Word sharing etc.

She taught me how to “say what I need to say” without feeling guilty about it.

She gave me an awesome opportunity to edit her book, “Between Pins and Needles”.

She challenged me silently to re type my lost novel (no thanks to computer virus); as she worked on hers tirelessly.

She showed me a part I never knew existed. Poem writing. She just came to my table one day and said “Write a poem about ‘My happy place’ seven lines per verse. “
I looked at her incredulously.
“Seriously? I have never written one before ever.”

Then she said something I don’t think I will ever forget.
“Then start now.”

I picked my pen and wrote. Not for me, but for her. I didn’t want her to be on my tail.
Little did I know she was doing it for me.

I started writing poems. I am still a year old baby in writing poems but even with my baby steps I know I can move on to be a great poet in a few years time.

I like to be a Catwoman. The one who can fly to save the world without getting hurt. The strong woman. But she made me cry twice.

Also, a lot of times she touches my heart with her kind words.

She is no sparkling beauty but she has a beautiful mind and a beautiful soul. She enthralls those who listens to her.

At a point I loved her so much (David and Jonathan kind) but she would not let me love her that much. Of course, it was not healthy as she does not feel the same way. She had a bestie already. Funny, I was not trying to be a bestie, I am the loner so, it would have ended once there was distance between us.

One more thing, she is a rockhead, a writer and a Christian.

A great package in one.

Today, she is a year older.

Happy birthday dear Toria.

May you always smile!

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