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My Life as a young Rockhead.


Nickelback – How you remind me

I should be 23 years old at the time. I had an LG, GW520 touch screen phone. It could slide to cover the buttons and my brother tells me it is a symbian phone.

It was a secondhand phone from a friend who felt I had suffered too much using my Samsung palasa.

I was an executive in the church fellowship. Of course, I was this on fire for God sister. But that didn’t stop my passion for music this beautiful.

My roommate will say

“You and this your songs? One day you will be exposed.”

Those were the times when I definitely thought my father will take to church for deliverance session if he knew the genre I listen to.

One morning, as my usual custom, I held my Symbian phone in hand playing music out loud. Proudly Christian worship music.

As I got to the bus that would take me and a few fellow executives to the place we do our teaching practice….

My phone started

That Nickel back song

🎼 Never made it as a wise man

I couldn’t cut it as a poor man stealing….

I was like

“Oh no!”

Which kind of music is this now?

Want to expose me and my music  on a good morning as this.


I tried to stop it. My phone screen refused to respond.

I faked a quick smile. I greeted the people in the bus and patiently pressed the phone well. The stop button of course.
The song at this time had played to half.

The phone responded and I silenced the song.

I took a deep breath and smiled at the people around me.

Till date no one said a word about that day.

I doubt if they even know the rock genre existed.

Trust my sister coord, if she knew that genre, I would be ready for an earful of words.

Rock genre don suffer.

For me, a song that inspires me and spurs me to doing great things is worth listening to.

Any music regardless of the genre that preaches evil is definitely evil.

3 thoughts on “My Life as a young Rockhead.”

  1. Mademoiselle!!! You’re very right about the not-being-exposed issue. Some people just don’t understand. Music almost has no genre, it’s a place to be.


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