Christmas today.

It’s Christmas morn. I am lying on the bed going through Facebook and the WhatsApp. I see many wishes for the Christmas.

I try to recollect just one Christmas. Just one memorable celebration and my head is blank. I try to recollect the previous one and that one is blank too.

There is no doubt a lot of fuss about the day. But I don’t feel it, the excitement around me is not touching me in anyway. (I have to be sincere about this)

Yes, I am thankful for life.

Someone waking me up from my sleep in an annoying hurried way last night to come for prayer is a picture etched on my mind. This happened on the eve of this Christmas.

I was not told that there would be prayer before bed time, the previous day prayer I missed I was not informed and it seems cruel. That someone would attack me in my sleep because I didn’t wake to join the family prayer. (I love my sleep time.)

Don’t get me wrong I have no issues with family prayers but  the means  was terrible and crude.

Now I understand what my father meant by two women should not live under his roof. I am 25 going on 26 (in a few months). This season, today has  brought me  in a reflective mood.

I need to move out of here and live alone. Staying with the parents is becoming hateful, tiring and stifling.

Not the way I pictured the beginning of a Christmas day but (shrugs) I will try to enjoy my day. Away from home!

Merry Christmas to you, merry Christmas to me.

Could not wish you any better.

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