Unseen eyes

Recreating a single day. Writing101, Day 14

Mark sat by the lake and threw small pebbles into the water. The water made ripples and went calm. He did it again and again. Sighs!
The day was eventful, a lot different from his normal boring life.

The cell phone rang and Mark picked up.
“Meet at the coffee shop at the corner of your street.”
“Already had my coffee.”
“Meet me anyways.”
Mark picked his backpack and locked the door.
He sling the bag on one arm and jammed his other hand in his pocket.

Two men had their heads bent over a set of papers. It was an unusual sight. Mark mentally shrugged as he made his way to where Katherine sat.

“What do you want this time?”
“Oh! What an unconventional way to greet a friend.”
Mark rolls his eye upward.
“Yeah, right.”
Katherine had a steamy cup of black coffee in front of her.
“I need you to find out about this man.” She handed him a photograph.
He observed it carefully. His detective instinct taking over. Dark skinned, well built, and smiling.
“I told you I’m no longer interested in doing this.” He handed the picture back to her.
“I’ll pay you.”
“Who needs the information?”
Katherine sighs. “I can’t tell you.”
“If you can’t tell me, then I can’t do it.”
“He is boss husband, she needs to know where he goes this Tuesday. Which is today. You need to find him and stalk him without him knowing.
“I’ll do it, but this is the last time.”
Katherine gave him the address of the man home and some money.
Mark smiled cynically, picked his bag and walked out.

Mark went to the car hire service and rented a great golf car. He drove past the house just to get a view of it then came down from the car. He glance at his leather wristwatch it was some minutes past ten.
Damn the woman to hell for making me do this again.

Be parked his car in a restaurant parking lot two blocks away then trekked to the house. He looked through the gate and saw the man in a Red T-shirt and denim, getting his car started.
Time for action, Mark whispered to himself.

The blue Toyota Camry got into the street, Mark waited for a few minutes before following.

Mark had his paper and pen on the seat.
The man stopped at the bank painted in blue and white. He was there for 30 minutes. Next the man drove for 15 more minutes to an hotel.

Mark also came down from his car this time, using a black sunshade and wig that made him look a lot different.
Mark got into the hotel and saw that the man met with another man in the lobby.
Mark ordered for a drink and stayed away from them both.
The man and the other man chatted animatedly and it seems like there was more to them than meets the eye. The other man was dressed in suit. Soon the other man dragged him by the hand.

Mark follows and notice they both entered into a room.
He waited by the door and heard them removing their clothes and he also heard a female voice. Seems she was already awaiting their arrival. Lewd remarks started and that was his cue to leave the place. Mark went back to his car and after twenty minutes he returned there to check and he could hear the noises distinctly.

The man came out the hotel with the other man and the lady. He took a picture of the three with his digital camera and went back into his car waiting for the next move.
The man in red T-shirt got into his car and the lady got into the passenger side.

They got into the traffic and Mark went after them.
When they got to a house the lady drops and says something to him before sashaying into the building through the gate. The man drove off. Mark noted the address.

The man stopped at the day care to pick his child. The girl couldn’t have been more than 2 years old. He went to the Primary school on the same street and picked his two sons.
They all got into the car and he drove them home.

Mark waited for almost an hour to see if the man would go out but it seems he was through for the day.

Mark removes his makeup and sunshades, then returns the car to the Car Hire Service. Sat down by his table wrote his report and called Katherine.

He handed over the report to Katherine and gets the balance for the work.

Mark seats by the lake throwing pebbles.
It had been eventful but he needed to do something better. That will be the last time, he promised himself as he left the lakeside.


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