Music and Me

Without music, life will be a mistake.”
– Friedrich Nietzsche.
Tell us about a time when a piece of music moved you.

James Blunt- Carry you home.
There was a time a friend of mine was struck down with spinal meningitis. I had prayed and hoped she will get better. She was hospitalised and had tubes and needles put into her body.
This song started to play and it brought tears to my eyes. I wanted my friend to live and not die.
That song touched me and prepared me just in case she passes on….
She’s still alive though, she is a spinal meningitis survivor.

*Do you have an all-time favourite song? Why is it significant?

Yes. It is a track titled Back to me by 3 Doors Down.

It is significant to me because many times I’ve had relationship gone sour, but this songs tells me that I have to get up and be myself. In spite of betrayal, rejection, abandonment, I can always stand tall and be Me. ‘Cause in the end, I have my own self and no one else.

Compile a playlist of 10 tracks that represents you.

1) 3 Doors Down – Back to me
2) Starset – My Demons
3) Halestorm – Private parts
4) John Mayer – Say what you need to say
5) Dido – Life for Rent
6) All Time Low – Weightless
7) Ross Copperman – Holding on and Letting go
8) Skillet – One day, Too Late
9) One Republic – I lived
10) Pink – Don’t leave me


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