The store for Self

Leah Reich
I just now realized self storage really is where you store all your past selves.
11:28 AM – 21 Jun 2015

I have always been told that I have multiple personality and I should be careful to only hold on the good person and muffle the voice of the bad person. I believe that we are all like this, it only takes one word, one sentence, perhaps one action to bring out a specific nature.

Day in, day out we experience things that we store inside. They shape us. They define us, sometimes refine us.

When I newly got into the university in 2009, I was a soft spoken person and I rarely  interfere in matters that are not directly addressed to me but 4 years after a Senior Friend -alumni- who knew me then saw me again. I was talking loudly to a friend as we did some cleaning in the church. He asked me “Booky, what happened to you? You are different. You were always mindful of your eloquence in English.”
I smiled and shrugged. “TASUED (abbreviated name of the university) happened.”
He couldn’t relate the easy going person who speaks English well to the new person who talked loudly and spoke pidgin and didn’t care what anyone thought about it.

As a fresher I had a refined nature from home but as I mixed with the other students, I didn’t want to be ridiculed so I gradually  changed.
Inside, the meek person was stored, the other person is added and so the list continues.

We are a store indeed for our past selves.

The Ready Writer

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