Things I Iike

1) I like watching the sunrise and sunset.
2) I like home cooked meals.
3) I like reading.
4) I like singing and dancing (even though I’m terrible at it)
5) I like playing in the rain (though I get chills from it).
6) I Iike listening to music.
7) I like hoodies.
8) I like living in new places (I can be the mystery girl).
9) I like watching movies with other people ( watching alone bores me).
10) I like my quiet time. Just me, myself and I.
11) I like ice cream (Vanilla flavoured).
12) I like staying indoors.
13) I like Indian romantic movies.
14) I like sincere people.
15) I like meeting new people.
16) I like working at my own pace.
17) I like to continue work until I’m done not tiredness or hunger can take me away.
18) I like good night calls just before I go to bed.
19) I like being called ‘baby’.
20) I like smiling.
21) I like jeans pants.

The Ready Writer


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