I write because…

I write because there are so many answers I seek but have not found.

I  write because I see calmness even when there is storm.

I write because it is a means of escape from reality.

I write because I know I could be heard no matter how crazy it sounds.

I write because I it helps me talk, react to certain things instead of going out there to be a nuisance.

I write because I have no friends to share these deepest thoughts with.

I write because I can vent my anger and be alright.

I write because I have ideas burn inside me and it serves as an outlet.

I write because I notice the nature around me and find myself in harmony with the beauty hidden to most.

I write because it transports me to a world where I know no fears only what I create.

I write because I have no immediate audience to condemn me when they are wrong.

I write to allay my fears, failure and give myself hope.

I write to remember the things I should remember and forget the things I should.

I write to keep grudges from my heart and it helps to forgive those who wrong me.

I write just because….

The Ready Writer

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