Complexity of men and women

The male folk and the female folk are so alike but different.
I have observed over time that inspite of people’s different upbringing, character and interests certain things are common about the male and the female.

The male folk

Eyes: The men have eyes and they work fast. A picture is snapped in a second and stored in their mind. Men hear what they see. They hear it so loud that what you say does not matter. If you want an opinion formed about you just act it and the man will believe this is person you are. Some time ago, there was a particular guy vying for the post of a boyfriend. I saw him as the man he is -one who can be moved by tears- so I shed a few fake tears and told him what I wanted. He did just exactly what I wanted. Why? He believed it. He heard what he saw louder than all my other request for the same thing. What changed? He saw.

Heart: The heart of men can be influenced based on the things processed in the mind. They are both kind and unkind depending on what they want and how they want it. The man are hardware physically but inside they are really softies.

The female folk
Ears: Women see what they hear. Ever wondered why some women are trapped in abusive relationships? Ever wonder why they get married to men who are not capable of loving and caring the way they should? It because they are easily swept off by the words told them. A woman will fall in love with her ears. It’s no surprise that some relationships start via internet. The man says everything they want to hear. They visualize it and wola! They are in love. In love with someone they never met!

Heart: The woman have a strong will. They are not easily deterred when they set their minds to do something or achieve a thing. Beware! They are software with a lot of hardness inside.

I am not going to talk about the sexual differences and behaviour but these above mentioned are complexities yet refreshing. If you belong to any of the group, watch out!

Love to hear from readers

The Ready Writer

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